Meet Our Team

iCoat Colorado

…Color and Style you don’t have to imagine anymore.

We are a Denver Colorado based distribution and retail sales point for iCoat Epoxy Systems located in Phoenix Arizona. Our aim is to provide the highest quality products, training, and installation for epoxy overlays and decorative concrete. While a large portion of the emerging new housing sector is relegated to using non-renewable building materials, we endevour to encourage use of sustainable building products that increase the efficiency of new and existing construction. We believe granite’s claim to fame is wearing thin when every countertop looks the same. We believe house carpet has lost its appeal the moment you buy or sell a house (it’s usually the first thing to be ripped out!). We know the sustainability of hardwood floor harvesting is creating export bans in countries every day.

We can see the future marriage of the world’s most common building material, concrete, and engineered epoxy systems as being a viable, durable, inexpensive, and safe alternative.

Advanced Product Technology

Whether we are introducing elastomeric reinforced cementitious overlays or state-of-the-art epoxy renovation materials, iCoat Colorado is bringing new competition models to the construction market. Conventional building products are quickly being replaced by environmentally friendly products which save costs and increase ROI for commercial and residential properties. Lower operating costs help everyone.

Professional Training and Installation

We provide assistance every step of the way. Our professional design and installation teams can bring your concrete or epoxy project to fruition. Why settle for a look everyone else has when you can set a trend to make your competitors envious!

Manufacturer Direct Pricing

iCoat Colorado brings you pricing direct from the manufacturer without all the associated middlemen. You save at every point in the construction process!

Superior Quality

We are constantly improving the manufacture and sustainability of our products to bring you the highest quality materials available. Our tool selections are manufactured here in the U.S.A.


We provide professional training for industry related contractors. Superior support services before, during and after the installation guarantee satisfaction.

Amazing Results

The possibilities are literally endless. From floors to countertops, iCoat Colorado can provide the know-how and materials necessary to paint your imagination on any surface your mind can conceive. Combined with textured decorative concrete we can duplicate and surpass anything you’ve seen before!