Epoxy coating is tough, reliable, and durable. Its resilience allows the floor coating to be used in multiple applications, from garage floors and warehouse to school and hospital hallways. Epoxy coating can even be used for bathroom and kitchen countertops, helping them last longer. Because of epoxy floorings durability, it serves as a great flooring option in environments that consistently shift machinery, tools, and other items around the floor.

Epoxy coating is becoming a flooring trend throughout residential and commercial properties. When you’re ready to have epoxy coating installed in your home or business, there’s no better epoxy installer in the Greater Denver area than iCoat Colorado. The service professionals at iCoat Colorado can help you with epoxy needs, whether you want coating for kitchen countertops and islands, bathroom and vanity countertops, flooring —  the list goes on! When you have iCoat Colorado install epoxy in your home, although it is a very durable, you’ll need to understand how to properly clean and maintain it to ensure you get the best use. Check out a brief maintenance and care guide for epoxy coating!

What exactly is epoxy?

Before getting into the proper care and maintenance guide, it is good for those who have epoxy coating in their home or business to have a good understanding of what it is.To put it the simplest way, epoxy is made up of two main components, hardeners and resins. When mixed, the two substances chemically react, resulting in a durable, solid plastic-like material that is tough, resilient to deterioration, and that adheres well to the floorings substrate, which in most cases is concrete. Due to the durability, epoxy flooring is generally a common surface found in commercial and industrial buildings.

Epoxy Coating Maintenance Guide

Once you have epoxy installed on your residential or commercial property, it is important to be aware of the proper maintenance and care procedures. Because epoxy coating has strong and durable properties, maintenance is often overlooked. However, maintenance can be very beneficial to your flooring, or whatever you used epoxy coating on. Check out three great reasons why epoxy floors should be well maintained:

Appearance. Epoxy floors have a unique and modern look. Regular cleaning will ensure your floors are looking their best. And, if you’re the owner of a commercial or retail property, you know how important it is to keep your floors clean. If you regularly clean your floors, you can count on them to always have a pristine look!

Durability. If the area where your epoxy flooring is installed is exposed to constant levels of traffic and usage, there is no doubt an occasional touch-up or recoat will help the appearance and durability of your floor. In addition, proper care and maintenance will ensure your floor lasts for a long time, which will save you time, money, and hassle in the long run.

Safety.  The safety of your floor is crucial. Especially in a commercial or industrial environment. Epoxy floors are meant to be waterproof, slip-resistant, and offer static control. However, without the proper maintenance and care, the safety properties of your floor are compromised.

General care and maintenance of your epoxy floor coating will help keep its pristine appearance, improve its durability and longevity, and keep it safe. To ensure you’re giving your flooring the care it needs, check out a few maintenance tips.

Epoxy Flooring Maintenance Tips


  • Sweep Your Floors Daily. Using a broom or vacuum to sweep your floors daily will help remove dust, debris, and other foreign objects, keeping your floors looking great. If floors are exposed to high traffic and use, additional sweeping may be required.
  • Clean Spills Immediately. In addition to being a safety hazard, spills can cause damage to your floors depending on the nature and substance of what is spilled. Spills should be cleaned immediately to avoid any safety issues and damage to your flooring.
  • Keep an Eye on Sharp Objects. Although epoxy flooring offers some of the best protection against scratches and punctures, they can still happen. To avoid scratches and punctures on your floor, avoid sliding, rolling, or dragging rough and sharp items across your floor. Items like heavy equipment and pallets should be moved with extreme caution to prevent any scrapes or cuts.
  • Treat Stains Quickly.  Epoxy flooring is one of the best flooring options when it comes to stain resistance. However, if you notice a stain on your flooring, it is important to remove sooner rather than later. Allowing a stain to set is never a good idea, especially with flooring. Ask the installation specialists at iCoat Colorado for proper stain treatment instructions.


Epoxy flooring is a great choice for floor coating, whether for residential, commercial, or industrial applications. Giving your floor the regular care and maintenance it needs will ensure you get the most out of your floor. Remember, when you want epoxy coating in your home or business, you can count on the service and products from iCoat Colorado. The team offers the Greater Denver area a viable, durable, safe, and affordable alternative to flooring. For more information, contact iCoat Colorado today!