Concrete Countertops… Profitable, Easy to learn, Easy to sell
iCoat Countertop Systems have been installed for 15 years and have proven to be durable as well as beautiful. You will learn each step of the process to create a new countertop whether it is a resurfacing of an existing formica countertop or new construction. You will learn three finishes, granite, Metal Illusion and stone marble. These core techniques will allow you to mix and match methods to create any look your customer desires when remodeling a kitchen. iCoat concrete countertops are perfect for restaurant tables, multi-family housing and even high end homes. Sign up now to add iCoat counters to the things you can offer your customers

Metal Illusion countertops
Metallic epoxies are the answer to any countertop solution. Their sleek seamless look takes the guesswork an unpredictability out of stained flooring. iCoat formulated their Metal Illusion epoxy to go out thin, resist fisheye and allow for your customer to choose from an unlimited color selection. Metal Illusion is perfect for projects from churches and residential housing to airplane hangars. You will leave with the confidence to create a beautiful counter on your first job.

Concrete Coatings
iCoat has been manufacturing decorative concrete overlays for 25 years. Our decorative concrete overlay system is troweled, not stamped or sprayed. iCoat concrete coatings go on fast and efficiently. Typical coverage is 120-150 square feet per bag which lowers material costs, shortens dry times and increases productivity and profitability Our innovative system allows a contractor to create nearly any texture or color. In the seminar you will learn slate, flagstone, seamless stone texture, travertine tile and even woodgrain. These finishes are great for any outdoor climate and are elegant enough for any interior job.

Garage Flooring
iCoat garage flooring takes proven technology and dresses it up with newer effects for maximum appeal. With a multitude of chipsets, unlimited background colors and a plethora of specialty topcoats your customer will be thrilled at what you can offer.