ICoat has debuted its revolutionary single component waterborne urethane coating process that will…..

Welcome flooring contractors, general contractors. Commercial property owners. Anyone interested in this fast return to service, non-invasive, revolutionary finishing process.

• Very low odor/VOC rating. No longer a problem for adjacent tenants.

This is a free 1-day seminar

This is it. This is, as they say, The game changer.

iCoat has been in the process of testing a 2 part urethane coating process that will revolutionize the way we view what we walk on, what we drive on, what we see on our countertops… walls… floors.

We are looking for flooring professionals, contractors, and artists interested in expanding their skill set.

Why not offer cutting-edge products and installation for…

  • a lower price than traditional materials
  • lower maintenance than traditional materials
  • a unique look that can duplicate traditional materials and advance what those materials can not
  • low-cost materials that don’t eat into your profit
  • a product that can be finished in less than half the time

We offer 1, 2, and three-day training classes in the Denver area for costs that your first project will probably pay for!